Thursday, June 20, 2013

What I have learned from the pen and the paper.

As many would now know, I have big dreams of becoming an author. Its an ongoing process that has taken me years to play around with. Though as of late, has really come together. I mean 60,000 words and counting coming together. This in itself is a huge deal to me, since I have never ever gotten to this point. Most of the time, I am done around 30,000. Since I have been working on it a lot lately, you can say I have learned quite a number of things on my journey. But here are a few of my favorite things I have discovered.

1. You may or may not be insane.

There is a great thing about being a writer, beautiful actually. You can walk around all day and have conversations in your head with people you know aren't actually real- and lets face it you have some totally kick ass conversations going on up there-and you totally get away with it. .

Really it truly is brilliant.

Of course this can be a horrible thing as well because while you know they aren't real, . The rest of the world. Doesn't. Face it, having to try to explain why your yelling at someone who isn't in front of you makes you seem really really insane. Or creepy. I haven't quite figured out which, though beginning to think there isn't much of a difference in the two.

There is no doubt half of you are reading this thinking I have in fact gone insane. The other half? Well the other half of you are probably still debating this. And that's alright. Truly it is. Maybe you are right. Maybe I have gone a tad bit insane. Wouldn't you like to know?

2. You tend to have a fabulous dream life.

I have discovered in my quest to become the next big thing, that living in the thoughts, well its kind of like living in a dream. You have this whole other world that no one knows about, and it is exactly what you want it to be. Well to a point that is, because lets face it, not everything can be wonderful all the time. But ultimately, the pieces fall into place, the guy gets the girl. That dream job is within reach and issues are resolved with little effort.

Its really quite fabulous.

3. There is no off days

And half the time, you can't just turn off these thoughts. Or the voices. I can not tell you how many times I have walked into a store, gotten on metro or stood in the midst of my living room and something comes to me. Which means, there is no day off, no off button to turn flip. Because I will not be satisfied, and the voices will continue to talk inside until something is down on paper, or napkin or sticky note. You get the point.

4. Its not easy work

When I sat down and started writing back in November with the latest idea, it actually kind of was. Easy that is. But by the fifth page I realized it needed more than just conversations and such. I needed things to happen. And ever after couldn't exactly be done in five pages. Writing takes research, and real life event inspired. And there are going to be days when your writing isn't going to be the best, and your going to hate it. You may give up. And even if I had a great imagination as a kid that has helped me in my quest, its not in fact as easy as anyone thinks....

Then again, what line of work is?

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