Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Question Friday 6/14/2013: Summer Rules

 Its a cool Friday here in the DC area, the storms-if that is what you want to call it brought in a gorgeous Friday afternoon. I think this is what spring is to be about. And once again we find ourselves with another five question Friday. This weeks theme: Summer Rules.

 1. You are the boss of summer time! So what behaviors are not allowed until summer’s end?

Returning indoors once the sun goes down. I am in fact encouraging people to stay out, enjoy the evenings. Listen to the crickets and go catch a lighting bug or two. Because when was the last time you did that?

2. And what is everyone required to talk about until summer’s end?

Their dream vacations. What did they want to do, and what they see when they look at the clouds. I used to lay there for hours having conversations about what shapes I could make out. I think we all need to go back there.

3. And what songs must be in regular rotation until summer’s end?

This should be pretty standard for me. Anything by Kenny Chesney. Which is my standard summer song list, but here are ones that I think need to be put on summer rotation regardless:

Summertime-Kenny Chesney
Boys of Summer-Don Henley.
Summertime-Fresh Prince
Cruel Summer-Bananarama.

I could go on with this.

4. And what must be eaten at least once per week until summer’s end?

Corn on the cob....its on my summer must have list....and one of the families favorites.

5. And since you are also the poster child for summer time, what activity will the poster display you engaged in?

Sitting on the deck, feet propped up against the railing reading while I am enjoying the sun....yep. Perfect.

And there you have it. Enjoy the weekend!

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