Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Unmissed Election Things.

With the Presidental election now just hours away. I would like to take this time to list a few things that I will not miss once Wednesday morning arrives.

1. Campaign TV Ads

That's right. Because apparently once during a commercial break is not enough. I will not be ashamed to admit I have long since tuned them out. And I am not slamming just one side here, because when it comes down to it, I find them both equally annoying here. Though for the record, I also think I know more about Maryland's Questions 6 (Gay Marriage) and their Question 7 (Casinos) than I do regarding anything I should be voting for in Virginia. I wonder how this happened.

2. Campaign Phone Calls

I don't actually know which is worse, the TV ads, or the phone calls. I haven't answered my home  phone since August. And while I have always liked having a home phone, this campaign has really made me re-evaluate my decision. And no Ms. Romney, or Mrs. Obama I know it is not you on the other end of the line, though I appreciate your efforts and your enthusiasm for your husband. Stand by your man.

3. The Political Talk around the office

Yes, I get it. I work in Government Contracting. And I know for the most part our lives revolve around what the government does. But it has become a twenty four hour session around the coffee pot these days. Its getting rather old. I can now tell you who likes whom-for the most part everyone seems to be Romney fans-and am getting rather tired of hearing the F work dropped after speaking of the President. Those that do support Obama, seem to sit silently fuming listening until they can no longer stand it and then it all hits the fan. While the views may be different, I am of the mind frame that you should have some respect for the president. Like or hate either party, candidate I believe it should be the standard, especially working where you work.

4. Being asked who I am voting for, and if I am Republican or Democrat.

I have, and I claim neither party. I have voted Republican and Democratic. I try to decide what or whom I believe will be right for the country. There are certain things I side with each party, making me an Independent. I will say I hate that I even have to declare anything. I am not a political person,.

5. Seeing the kids dressed in political party gear.

It annoys me to see kids in gear that states the following: I voted for Obama in 08', now I am voting Romney in 12'.  or Forward four more years... Why? Because no, they didn't vote in 08' In fact they weren't even around. I get the parents are full supporters but I really don't think kids should get truly involved. Especially kids that are still in diapers and don't know any better. Even worse when you get them to chant things during a fall parade two months before election. I was sick when I saw two kindergarteners going at each other because one was wearing Obama and one Romney. I wondered how much they actually knew of the man they were 'supporting' because  if you were to ask my son at the moment who is favorite president is he would say 'Obama' and if you asked him why: he would say this: Because that's what I know.' I am pretty sure most kids feel the same way. Despite what their t-shirts say. Leave the politics to the grown ups.

And there you have it. Five things I will look forward to not seeing after the election.
Which if you ask me, can't get here fast enough.

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