Friday, November 2, 2012

Moving on.

As if Sandy wasn't enough bad news, yesterday sealed the deal.  But I guess, in order to really understand the current story, I should start from the beginning. Back to September. When the whole story first started.

I applied to a job working for the local school system in Fairfax county. For the school board.  I had and have been interested in working for the system for awhile now, though a teacher I am not. Still I threw my name in the hat figuring I had at least a decent shot of even getting a phone call. Though in all honesty at that point I really wasn't expecting it. At all.

It came a month and a half later. They were interested in me, and wanted to interview me. I sat there for the next week, preparing myself, prepping for senerios and questions until I felt the most confident I had ever felt. In fact I knew I was going to kill it. This was my job, and it was mine to take. I just knew it.

And I left, feeling wonderful. If there was a recipe for the perfect interview, I am pretty sure it would have been it. I answered everything with confidence, I smiled. I shook their hands. I did everything right as far as I was concerned. And it must have worked, the next day they contacted me for more information, for references. And three days after I was told they were contacting them. And I was thinking this was it. It was mine. I mean you don't contact references for no reason right?  Now coworkers were starting to know I was looking. But this was ok, I mean surely if they called the references that meant only good things. I having worked in recruiting and staffing to know that when you call, its a pretty sure bet.

Then they called...and a second interview was set up. And I was feeling pretty good, though a little confused why the called the references before they finished interviewing. The second interview went well, I wouldn't say I knocked it out like I did the first. But it was still really well. I was told I would hear either way. And by everyone that worked for the county, the longer it took to hear back the more likely I would get the position.

I waited patiently, each day expecting that email. It never came. Good sign. Especially since the past time I had interviewed I received the thanks but  thanks email two days later. I listened as friends, my mother and even Anderson told me repeatidly I had the job. Despite my worry I didn't. I was getting nervous, the lack of news made me nervous. The longer they took, the more I doubted. The more I figured I didn't get the position. Even if I had heard it took forever I began to wonder how long was to long to hold out hope. A week? Two

Turns out three. It took three weeks.

And within seconds, a blink of an eye really, it was over. My hopes of landing that job I really really wanted dashed. Over.

It hurt like hell to read the email. I cried. I sat there feeling sorry for myself and disappointed and feeling every other sort of emotion that I can't find words for at the moment.

There was no real reason given, they said they were impressed with me but they went with someone that was a better match. Whatever that means.  Maybe they had that degree that I am still trying to get. Maybe they looked like they fit in with the group more than I did. Maybe I could sit here and go around all night speculating on things.

Truth is, I know I will truly never know why.

I know things could be worse, I have seen recent reports on Sandy. I know I have a job, and whether it is my ideal position or not, I know far to many people that would love to have one right now. Things could be worse. The right job will come, I just need to be patient. These are all the things I have heard since receiving the news twenty four hours ago.

But right now, that is little constellation.


eslachtdermai said...

I'm so sorry Aleisha. I don't know how things work in other areas, but here...for any job within a school district, experience and how well your interview really went mean little. It's more so all in how much they'll have to pay you...and definitely who you know. I went through all of that with one district from April-July. First interview, came in to teach a lesson, they called my references and a few of my references even told me that the person who called said that I had the job. Went in for the second interview, waited to hear, and found out later that I didn't get it. If you turn off one person in the school/district, and someone else left a neutral feeling with them, or they're related to so-and-so or friends with this other person, you're done. It's definitely not fair and I know hearing that doesn't help much, but sadly that's the way it is. It just wasn't meant to be for you...maybe when Logan is going to school in the district, you can be involved more. Sorry though... :-(

Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka said...

I'm sorry, Aleisha. You seemed very excited to find out how your interview went. Don't give up. Keep your search going and hopefully you'll find something that suits you better soon.

In better news, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog!

Desirae said...

I'm so sorry it didn't work, Aleisha! Keep'll find the right position.

Aleisha said...

Thank you ladies...And Jessica what an honor!!! I will dif have to be posting and thinking about my answers. Wahoo...