Friday, November 30, 2012

Please come to Boston

For the past several summers, I have lived for a few things, sun, warm. vacations. And, concerts which range from 90s boybands, to rock gods, to barely out of the teenage year country girls. But when it comes to concerts in the summer, there has been a long standing tradition. For several years now, well with the exception of the one that he decided to take a break, my summer revolves around one concert in particular. Mr. Kenny Chesney. 

I have seen him for years, the majority of which have been in the DC area, though I do admit to traveling down to NC once or twice. And while these places are fabulous to see him I have always had this dream spot. Call it my dream spot in my dream city sort of thing. You see besides my love for Kenny, I have a love affair with Boston. The town, the city, besides Florida, it is the city where I feel most comfortable in. Pretty sure if not for the fact it was cold, I would be more than willing to move there-which is why the lord invited a winter get away home right?-I had this idea a couple of years ago, right about the time he started playing his stadium tours. The idea was to see Kenny in my beloved city. I immediately put it on my 'bucket list' though in my mid twenties, I admit I really didn't think I needed one. Still it was on there. I was going to get to Kenny in Boston before he retired. It was all but said and done.

But the years, they come and they go. We get married, we go on honeymoons. We buy houses, and decide to finish school. We have kids. Life has a funny way of slipping right on by. Still with each year, as the tickets would go on sale I said, this would be the year. Except, well that would be the year he would do Boston in the middle of the week, or on a Sunday, when you know you can't get off on the Monday.  And so you push it off for another year. And you promise yourself next year you will. 

But it always felt like an empty promise.

So this year, when I logged on to find the annual schedule, I glanced down at the date when he would be in Boston, and woah wait a minute. He would be playing Boston, at the end of August..on a Saturday night. And all those years, of dreaming of planning. Well this year you decide would be the year.

That is if I could only convince the husband, who is usually my co partner in crime-considering he isn't much of a country fan, I know I need to thank him. He agreed, as long as we hold off on tickets to the DC show, which happened to fall between my birthday and our anniversary. And as hard as it was to not hit the find tickets I agreed. Because this is Kenny, and this is Boston. And its closing night (as of now that is) and so I quickly agreed.

I was worried however that his recent popularity with the stadium concerts would mean tickets would not be available. After all it's hard enough getting them in DC but now I would have to add on flight and a hotel and everything else. And this is closing night. Still I sat there this morning with hope. I didn't even care-well ok I did to a point- where the seats were. I just wanted tickets. I watched as the hours to go turned into minutes to go. I recruited Anderson to help on his end because one could never be to sure and it's an extra chance. And when the bewitching hour struck noon I logged on and waited and waited... I held my breath that Anderson would have luck if I didn't. And I patiently waited as he typed out...

We got them. 

See you in Boston Mr. Chesney. 

I expect it to be epic.

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