Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello Summer!!

Ah yes, the return of my favorite season has once again found me. You have no idea how much this makes me happy...honestly. It does.

There is something special about the first long weekend of the summer. All the possibilities lay ahead. Gone is the endless winter chill, and yes the DC area had its fair share of winter weather this year thank you very much. And no I do not wish to repeat it any time soon but thanks for asking anyway. And the only thing to worry about is how to fill up the long days.

It was quite the quiet yet enjoyable weekend for the household. Little man graduated from Pre-K and is fully on his way to becoming a kindergartener. Believe me the thought probably is more exciting to him than to me at the moment as I am trying to relish in the joys of childhood with him as long as I can.

I turned thirty-four the day before he graduated and while I would never say it is old, it definitely has a different feeling that surrounds it. I am now in my mid thirties. If I thought little man turning five was hard, the realization that I too am getting older is just as scary.

It also saw us cleaning the house which desperately needed it. Its an evil evil process which I am sure is not fully done but hey, we tried anyway right? And if nothing more it was clean for what a half hour. Spending way more money than one wants to admit on clothes that I may or may not have needed but since it was my birthday weekend gave myself permission to do so and enjoyed some sweet frog on the expensive of my stomach. The price was well worth it.

Yes the long weekend was absolutely relaxing. It was a time to spend with friends and as a family, which vary rarely happens these days as life often gets in the way. I can only imagine what it will be like once fall comes around.

This summer could see some changes, all around. But here is to hoping the best is yet to come, and the endless summer is just that.


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