Monday, May 5, 2014

A getaway

Sometimes, all one really needs is a getaway.

Admittedly a lot of things have gone on lately. A lot of which should not be discussed in the walls of a blog. These past couple of months have been and continue to be some of the hardest I have ever experienced. So much so that for the past few days the thought of running has seemed well, rather tempting.

Fueling the fire? A simple one line email from Jetblue, sale.

Typically I delete these, ignoring as junk and forgetting them the moment I do. But not this one. For some reason it felt as if it was staring me in the face, taunting me with its blue and orange wording. Click me, click me.

I did.

And soon I found myself plotting. I needed a getaway, we needed a getaway. And at the price? And with our DVC points, well that getaway went from nonexistent to quite possible. Even more so when my husband actually agreed to go, so what if it was only going to be a four day trip. So what if it meant giving up some extra vacation days. It would be worth it. We needed this. It may be more beneficial than ever.

I know what your thinking, again? Weren't you just there. I get it. We go an absurd amount of time. But here's the thing. I get just as excited as I did that first time. And on some level there is a need to go back down. I assume it is sort of like an addict. I need that fix to be happy.

And so this past weekend, we planned. We plotted. We found ourselves renewing our annual passes-we were going to have to do so anyway for August.-and we hit the submit buttons. We are heading back down the weekend after Memorial Day.

This gal couldn't be happier.

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