Friday, May 9, 2014

The case of the Fridays.

It happens about this time every week. But especially once the weather begins to turn from mild to extremely nice. When the days are longer and the office becomes empty. What am I talking about? 
The case of the Fridays. 
Admit it, you know exactly what I am talking about. It has on occasion happened to you even. Its the moment when the workweek may as well be over because you are over with it. Your production and productivity hits the wall. The moment when you can't think of another spreadsheet or report. The coworker down the way, the one who has been on conference calls all day just got a little more annoying.And you would much rather be anywhere, and I mean anywhere than at your desk.

It comes and goes of course. And can change from person to person. Week to week. For myself, this week it has been brutal. Painfully so. Enhanced by the fact for the 7th time since relocating to the DC office they have moved my cube, reassigned me with a new group. All of which has yet to move meaning I am sitting in a quiet row with nothing more really to do but stare at a clock.

For the record, I am pretty sure it hasn't moved since I walked in.

I know Fridays should be the same old same old in the business world. And maybe it is. But for me, today. I will tell you this. It is just not happening.

Better luck next week.

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