Saturday, May 17, 2014

Go team go.

Last night the Ducks were eliminated from the playoffs. They were the last team we were rooting for standing in this household of hockey fans. Which means as of this morning, we could probably care less about the playoffs anymore.

OK so that isn't necessarily true.

Rather we have no idea who to root for. Do we even care who wins at this point. I am pretty sure we don't if you ask us. Chicago because they are Chicago and we haven't seen a Stanley Cup repeat in ions, the Kings because, well because they are the Kings? The Rangers have the St. Louis factor this year. My mom loves the guy, as do most people around the league if I am going to be honest. Or the Canadians because of their history, and because my sister's husband is Gionta's cousin which sort of makes him like family. But not really. Or because they beat the Bruins.

Honestly I do not know, nor do I seem to have the answer. Does it even matter that I don't have a specific team I am pulling for. Perhaps I should just wish for some great series. Maybe that is the better option.

Or perhaps I do what has been suggested and find a team to root against. My mind is still not made up on that point. But it is a very possible thought. And perhaps a little tempting.

And because I do not have any certain picks, nor feelings I will just say, go team go...may the best team at the moment win...and good luck.

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