Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Good call, good call.

Not my picture I do not take credit.
And sometimes, they get it right.

I should apologize now for yesterdays outburst. Believe me if you live in the area you know just how much they talk these sort of storms up only for it to become a whole lot of nothing in the end. But every now and then, well they seem to get it right.

Today was that sort of day.

It hasn't stopped snowing since this morning. Outside it is truly a winter wonderland. The only thing I can think to make it more fittingly so would have been if this was a month ago and we were looking at the holidays.

But I will not complain.

There also was no twelve hour commute, the government and every school system closed down allowing those of us that did venture out easy access to the roads. And coming from this gal, it was super. Even the way home as the snow really began to stick was this appreciated.

So I will congratulate the weathermen, you have done your job well.

This time.

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