Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dear Caps: Same team. Another letter.

Dear Caps-

There used to be a time when hearing we were playing the Penguins was exciting. In fact it was something I looked forward to. Counting down the evening, ordering Chinese-unless I happened to get the tickets.-kicking up my feet and prepared myself for an amazing game. An exciting game. After all, they are our biggest rivals and who doesn't love a good hockey rivalry.

But last night, as I came home I almost dreaded the thought of playing them. Why?

Because this season has been brutal enough. Because you were playing on Versus which meant I would have to listen to Mike Milbury go on and on about how wonderful the Pens are and how unorganized we are. Because this season I have decided we can not win or lose for that matter in regulation but somehow you seem to drag it out beyond even overtime anymore. Only to break our hearts in a shootout.

Honestly. I am beyond speechless anymore.

But of course I watched, because there is a part of me that still hopes somehow things will change. That perhaps this is the game where you guys will prove us wrong. Wake up and play. And by that I mean not just the one period, but all three. I am getting the feeling you tend to forget this game is three periods rather than the one you tend to think it is. Believe me, you seem to come out charging at times only to let it fall the moment that second period horn goes off.

No I am not blind to notice this.

I have to say for a moment there, I had hoped. We looked decent. We played. hey we even scored first, and held the lead for the better part of the game. There was this hope. And maybe it was there because it was the Pens, and if we won, well wouldn't that be something right? We kept up with them. Sure we had moments were we looked like crap, but didn't they? And they had to come back. Yes for a moment there I was really thinking good thoughts, and believing that this was our game.

And guess what?
You blew it. Yep. I said it.

And I say this as a frustrated fan with little hope that things will be changing anytime soon, but I hope that you guys wake up. That you realize things need to be changed and fixed. Within the organization, outside of it, something needs to be done.

Its time to become a team, and stop building one.


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