Monday, January 13, 2014

May the waiting force be with us. Keeping a secret may be harder than it appears.

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Usually by this point in our Disney vacation prep we are busy counting down the days, marking each sleep off on the calendar the moment we wake up.

By this point we are busy trying to figure out what rides we will go, have numerous amounts of discussions about whether we will hit up Star Tours or Buzz first. Little man will be busy planning out who he will ride with – inevitably it will be me, he decides.

But not this trip. He has no idea he is even going.

18 days from now.

So rather my husband and I busy ourselves trying not to think about things, steering him away from thoughts of Disney by counting down our August vacation – which surely feels like eons away to him now. All the while we are busy planning things to make the trip extra special.

Fastpass+ selections have already been picked and our meals have already been booked. No doubt about it the kid for the five days will be spending his time riding and eating at some of his favorite places around the world. And yes, Star Tours is booked, as is Buzz….

We received the Magic Bands a little over a week ago. Pretty sure we looked like complete lunatics opening up the package and examining the colorful bands that are our key to the kingdom so to speak. But this being a complete surprise to little man, trying to sneak in a box with Ms. Incredible on it is not exactly easy when he has super “Disney vision” powers in which he can spot anything Disney related in the house. It currently sits on top of the refrigerator far from sight – at least for the moment. I am looking forward to testing them out for the first time; I hope to have a review when we return in February.

I was able to order him the Star Wars Both Sides of the Force package from Disney Florist. We have used them before, but never for Logan. Considering you only turn 5 once, well a magical vacation he shall have. Though honestly I do not know who will find this cooler, Logan or Daddy. The force will definitely be with the two that is for sure.
18 days.

I am trying to figure out how I will keep this a secret from him. Even as I write I am sure he is going on about how much he misses Disney, how he wonders if Mickey has forgotten about him. Yes, he has asked and is majorly concerned that Mickey will not remember him due to the fact it has been absolutely way too long… I bite thy tongue when it is mentioned. I hide my countdown app, and thank the lord he has yet to master the fine art of reading most of the big words like vacation that is scribbled on our calendar. I smile as he talks about what he is going to ride next time, knowing full well that next time is just about two weeks away.

Now if only I could figure out how to tell him he is going once departure day does get here.

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