Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why I blog

Ever wonder why one blogs? For some its educational, to get the word out on a specific topic. Some do it to keep in contact with family,  taking them on a journey through the years posting pictures, reports and odd and end of day-to-day life. While others, I believe, hope to get their name out, earn money and become a successful writer. And still others view it as just another job. None of these reasons are horrible. I know several who do a little of each and absolutely love it. There is no shame in any of the reasons to blog.

So why do I blog? I was asked this the other day. Is there something that draws me in to it over another? Do I do it to become popular? Because surely isn’t blogging one huge popularity contest?

I suppose it is. Though I have never felt the need to be so. I will not lie; I am thrilled when people read. There is some sort of satisfaction that comes from knowing people enjoy my writing, and my thoughts. But at the same time, I did not start out to become the biggest blogger around. Just the same, I realize and recognize that not everyone is going to like the way you write, what you have to say or find what you write about to be all that wonderful. I do not and will not hold that against them.

As for money?  Or fame? No, I do not earn money for blogging. I do not do this as my day job and while I would love to think I have people who read and enjoy my endless amount of rambling, thoughts and input, I am in no way famous for it either.   
So then why? The answer is simply that I enjoy it and love to write. It should come to no surprise to anyone that I do. I was one of those kids who kept a journal growing up. I wrote in it every day in fact for most of my childhood. I still keep one to this day, though not on a daily basis as I had before.

And I blog because I love to share things I know, whether it is in regards to parting, or my endless amount of Disney World travel knowledge or hockey. And occasional I love to share my poetry, which at times can be on a bit of the terrible and embarrassing side. But nonetheless I share it anyway.

I always thought blogging would help prepare for my career in writing. I toyed with journalism for about a half minute, but have never really had a desire to do that kind of writing. Rather, my work and my aspiration have been on the creative writing side.  If blogging should ultimately help, then so be it.

I do so because it is fun. It is not work or a chore. No one makes me do it. No one tells me to do it. Rather it is something that I look forward to doing. It is my escape. It is my own corner of the world, my own voice.   

Perhaps that is enough reason.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading and enjoyed this post. Sometimes I wonder if we are just writing to the air, but it really doesn't matter if it is something that bring us joy.

The I's Have It said...

Great post! I have a strange relationship with my blog. I love to write, I love to capture my thoughts and memories and I'm thrilled when posts really demonstrate what I consider "my voice." Nothing pleases me more than seeing my posts get a couple of readers, and comments? Fuggedaboutit. But as much as I love being read, I have a very hard time sharing my blog (or the blog I had before it) with anyone I actually know in person. Very few of my friends and family even know I have a blog. I am trying to convince myself to be more open, but for now I am glad there are internet friends I can share bloglove with :)

Aleisha said...

Thank you for reading, and I must say both of your comments have been interesting as I have felt the same. At times I find it is is a fine line between wanting to share and yet keeping myself shut. And it has not been until recently that I have even shared more openly to friends and family myself. But