Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Busy bee...

And so it begins again. When I first flipped over that calender, the year seemed wide open, with endless amount of possibilities. It was going to be a fabulous year, it still is going to be a fabulous year.

But then we decided to clean out the house. Reorganize and gut. We soon discovered, it was not going to be just a one weekend thing but a week, or two weekends.

Or three.

And before you know it, you realize this needs to get done, and that needs to get done. Your son has a birthday coming up and you haven't even thought about sending one birthday invitation out. Oh yeah, your also going on that surprise trip he has no clue about. Packing would be a good thing to start thinking about.

And then there is school that starts back up. Maybe you should drop it. But wait your so close. So can do it. Despite what I say, I may be busy but I also have time to do things. In my head its overcrowded and a lot.

But man, for awhile there, the calender was empty. And open.

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The I's Have It said...

Oh boy, I am right there with you. One of these years I will learn to tackle my projects sequentially...but so far, this year, I've got no fewer than five half-completed projects in various rooms of my house. And I'm only nine days into the year. Sigh.