Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What do you mean the professor is older than me??

Here we go, a new semester. I am ready. I can do this. I am going to do kill it this semester.  I will hold my head up high and not care that the kids-because lets face it, they are-are years younger than me. It doesn't matter right? I mean it isn't exactly the first time that they are younger than me. And usually, well usually there is at least one person that is older than me. But as I step into the room, I look around at all the fresh faced, dew eyed students and realize. The old person in the class, the one that everyone giggles, well that old person is me.

Damn it.

Its fine, maybe someone will be late. There is always someone late. I pull out my stuff. My pens, realizing that I am the only one that still does this. Most of them have laptops and tablets. But they walk to the class from their dorm, I come straight from work. It isn't easy to carry everything. I have a kid, they have disposable income. And I wait. They pile in around me like ants marching. Do I know anyone?

No, not one.

But its not like I am actually social in class, nor at school. I am after here only one day a week for three hours.

Yep, this is my college experience.

There is no sign of the professor, which doesn't surprise me as most of them come rolling in, messy haired and all out of whack talking about how things have been crazy. But no sign yet. There are however already clicks. Everyone knows at least two people. I am the fish out of water.

Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Around me people begin chatting about the professor, one I was recommended taking, apparently she is awesome. Well that is good news at least.

Then she  comes in....And wait, she does not look like any professors I have had. There are no bags of paper flying around. Her hair is definitely not a shade of grey, but red. A pretty red at that. She wears no rings on her finger and she is super peppy.

She also isn't even thirty yet.

WAIT???? WHAT??? 

I mean I fully expected to be older than half my class, though the oldest? Well this one was a first. As if this isn't bad enough now I find my professor isn't as old as I am.Surely this is not happening. This can't be happening.When did I become older than even the professors??? WHEN??? What happened to the old time professors with the big coke glasses? You know the ones that resemble something a lot like the character from UP!?  What happened to them?

Suddenly I feel old. I feel like people are looking at me as we all discuss who we are. I hear the gasp when I say I am in the adult concentration program offered at Mason-for the adult student-I am thankful however that she doesn't break us up into groups to tell each other about ourselves. Thank the lord on that one. I am not naive enough to know I don't have anything in common with these kids. I am sure if we pulled hard enough we would. Though my luck they would probably tell me their moms listen to the same stations I do. Nick Carter who???And then they would tell me their mom preferred NSYNC....whomever they were.


By the end of the class I have said less than two words. I gather my things up as the groups head out into the cold, walking with one another to safety in the dark. And I make my way down to the professor who definitely does look exceptionally younger. I hate to introduce myself but do anyways. And when I mention my son..she brightens and says.

'Well then by all means you just let me know if you need to be out for him. That is definitely excused!'

Maybe this being the oldest in the class isn't so bad after all.
After all, at barely 20 the rest of the class can't do the same.

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