Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dear Caps, well well well.

Dear Caps-

For the past month I have sat and watched what we know has been some of the most painful games to date of the season. I have watched these past two weeks as the loses began piling up. I have gone to work listening to coworker after coworker continuously talk about, ask about and question everything.

I had watched the downfall so much that this morning I decided I would not be glued to the television with the game. I just did not want to watch the heartbreak once again. Instead I would take advantage of my son being gone for the night. I would go out with my husband. I would sit as far away from a TV as I could. I would not look down at the Washington Caps mobile ap to check on the score. I was not going to have any of it.

And wouldn't you know....what do you guys go and do? You actually win. And not just barely, nor did you just squeak by. But you actually legitimately won.  Hands down. 5-0. And I missed it. I just about threw the remote across the room when I saw this.

I guess you think you can not make me happy, you lose I complain, you win I still complain. But believe me you would be wrong. You made my night with your win. Even if it is just one win in a handful of loses, at this point, at this moment. I will gladly take it.

Just let me know next time you decide to take such a lead.

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