Saturday, April 21, 2012

Game Five. And its Wicked Awesome.

Game Five.

Series tied.

The Caps headed up to Boston knowing whomever took this game was one game away from clinching this series. And once again my husband, my son and myself sat there in the middle of our living room, the game on. It was very much like the Saturday exactly one week ago. Except, well it wasn't tied.


And just like that game two, the first period brought on a lot of....nothing. Yes there were hits and near misses and close calls. But the score remained 0-0. It looked like we were in for the long haul that's for sure. By this point there has been plenty of talk about Holtby, who before the series was questioned regarding his readiness for playoff games. After all he was a minor league goalie. I would like think by game five he has put those questions to rest. Yes he is ready.  He continued to show his brilliance as a goalie. Keeping up with every shot the Bruins threw at him.  And by the end of the first period, it wasn't the Caps that was looking a little exhausted. But the Bruis, who were not having much luck getting anything past Holtby on home ice.

I was beginning to think this was going to be one of those games again. A one goal whomever scores first, gee this doesn't sound familiar game.  Really couldn't just one of these games be stress free? Judging by the way things were going, probably not. As it was, we were halfway through the second period and it still remained scoreless. Not for the lack of effort mind you. For the first time in this series, the Caps were leading on shots. And Boston  looked so frustrated. And almost...tired. Now if we could just capitalize on this. And wouldn't you know just as I was thinking this, Beagle found a way to the net, he shot and found his way, past Timmy Thoms, and right into the back of the net. But of course as we know, in this game, in this series the one goal doesn't mean much. Which is why three minutes later when we scored the second goal I thought, maybe just maybe....there was hope.

But the Bruins wouldn't go so quietly and just three minutes later would answer with a pair of goals themselves.  Damn it. Well we all know a 2 goal game is the hardest to hold onto anyway.  Even so I admit I got a little frustrated. Here we were, with the two goal lead and we couldn't hold it. What did this mean??  Did I even want to watch the third.

Of course. It would all come down to it. Still I went outside from time to time the pressure of it all just being to much for me as I watched the minutes tick by. And as I was outside we score. Of course. Have I not learned this already. My sure beat for us to score is by way of me leaving the bathroom, the seat or whatever. And so I was allowed back in. It works both ways though for the next time I left the room, Boston came back making in 3-3. And shit. I needed to learn to reverse this. With just under three minutes to go, it looked like we were heading into OT. Again. Except, wait a minute. A peanlty against the Bruins gives the Caps just about the rest of the game one man up. And please, oh please...I sat on the edge of my seat, wanting to watch and yet scared to. But wait, here comes Brouwer, and there, just there. He finds the net. And with a minute to go, the Caps take the lead.

And never look back.

We bring it home to DC tomorrow, with a chance to clench the series.

Lets Go Caps.

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