Sunday, April 22, 2012

Game Six, hold your horses.

Game Six.

Pretty sure I said this back on game one, but this series isn't going to be a short one. And yet here we are, game 6. And the chance to clench it at home.

I must say, I  am not a fan of these back to back games. I was never a fan during the regular season. I am much less of a fan in the post season. 

I tried going into this game thinking if they win, the only thing that it will accomplish is the fact that we will have a game 7. It would be up in Boston, but its not like we would be out of it. Still I wanted to win the series. On home ice. I wanted to shut all those people that said we couldn't do it up.  I wanted it so bad....

I feel like a broken record here when I say game six was very much like games, 1,2,3, 4 and 5. Both teams went back and forth. Though this game both teams just seemed really tired. Again the whole back to back games really suck. I would and could go on about the whole analysis of the game, but I find I would only be repeating myself.  So I will only say that it was tied pretty much through most of the game. Though Boston did have the lead throughout, we always found away to come back. Including within the last minutes of the game when Ovi finally came through and scored the goal to kick us into OT. See I told you it was a repeat.

I couldn't watch the intermission report. I get antsy at this point. Because come on boys. We can do this, seriously we have this. Instead I focused on getting my son his movie in. I focused on Night Road, the latest book I am reading. And as OT started I focused on my father who had just gotten in from a doctors appointment. Focused on anything besides the game.

Which of course totally didn't work because as I struggled to get the whole movie into my sons new DVD player, the buzzer goes off. Someone had scored. And judging by the fact my mom was dead silent, I was pretty sure it was the team I didn't want to score in OT. Turned out I was right.

After I sat there in my mothers kitchen feeling blah. Here we go again, game 7. And how familiar are we in with this position. For several years now we have been in the same spot. And every year we lose. And for months I have to hear just how crappy we are. Etc. For some reason I really really wanted to win this game. Game 6. Not game 7. Not in Boston.  I admit for a moment there I am pretty sure I cried.

Well almost.

Though I was quickly reminded the series is not over. One team still has to win one, the other has to lose one...

Which means.

Boston best watch out.

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