Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't Stop Believin'

And so it all comes down to this one game. The game that decides who goes on to the next round and who leaves thinking well better luck next season, its time to start perfecting our golf swing.

We are still a few hours away from puck drop. Even still there is a certain sort of energy that comes that knowing in a few hours the fate of the season will be determined. Already several of my coworkers-half of which aren't fans, the other have become fans since I started- have asked how I am feeling. My thoughts. And while I try to give them my best its on like donkey kong face, I know that it is so much more than just a game.

I know that its not going to be easy. In fact in a lot of ways Boston has a lot going in their favor. They won game 6, which gives them the extra little boost. They are at home. They are the defending champs. Everyone is expecting them to win. Yes, they do in fact have a lot going for them. Then again, they have the pressure. They are expected to win this. Shit they were expected to win this back in game four, or five even. This series should have been over a long time ago according to most analyst.

But it isn't. And I am not about to count my boys, nor my team out so fast. Yes I know if you read the statistics-if that is your sort of thing-the odds are against us. History is against us. The Caps on a whole aren't great when faced with a game 7. The past few years have shown us this. But this is a different season, different team an different coach. I don't think in the past they wanted it as bad as they do now. And the coach, as much as he was loved was not a game 7 sort of coach. But Dale Hunter is. Every game in the series has seemed to be played like a game 7. With that much depth, need and hunger that it brings. And no one is expecting us to win. Or was. And they may be on home ice but its not like we haven't won there. We have won up there as many times as they won down here during the playoffs. The regular season favored us in their house. Holtby has been incredible. The players are going to be pumped. We are going to be pumped. And we want it just as bad as the boys from B'town do.

So no, why should I count us out.

That being said, I go through moments of doubt, moments when I don't want to watch tonight's game afraid it will be the last. Granted no matter what I wasn't even expecting them to make it into the playoffs and was pleasantly surprised that they have. And have had what I think has been their best playoffs to date. So with that, I will be proud of them either way in the long run. Still I would hate to see those last seconds knowing that I will have to wait six months til I can watch it again. I vow to bring my nook in with to my parents house which is probably where we will be at least to start the game. Just in case. I promise I will try my best not to cry....I promise I promise I promise. What I can't promise is a clean mouth. I probably should apologize to my mom in advance. But if the game for some chance does get ugly, I can't guarantee that I will remain the sweet little thing I am at this very moment. And I can't guarantee that there won't be moments when I leave the room, if only for just a few moments. The pressure of the game, the importance of the game is just that heavy. Sometimes I just need those moments to regroup and remind myself in the end, everything will be ok.

Five hours to go.

This is it boys, this is your moment. Your time.

Lets do this...

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