Thursday, April 26, 2012

Game 7.and the winner is...

By now most know just how magical the past twenty four hours has been for the DC area.  And while I could go on about this and that. About my emotions, and everything that goes along with game 7s, including what else but an OT game winning goal in favor of us. But  sometimes words are not I will let a couple of pictures be my words for the day...

Moments after we won.  

Yep. This is pretty much sums up exactly what I was feeling after the game. Surprisingly I did not wake up little man who slept through the entire game.  Believe me it was not easy yelling at the top of my lungs, without making a sound.

And the Caps have eliminated the reigning Stanley Cup champs. Much to the surprise of pretty much everyone, well except for the fans of the team that is. Because yep we knew they could.
 Congrats boys.
 Enjoy the moment...


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