Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Five-4/27: Smooshy

Happy Friday once again! These weeks are flying aren't they? So are we ready for another edition of the Friday Five....Topic for the week is smooshy...

1. Besides on a sandwich, what’s your favorite use of peanut butter?

I used to love peanut butter on celery. Put a little raisin on it and you had the perfect snack. Sadly when I found myself in braces for the better part of six years, the love affair with peanut butter diminished.

2. What are your feelings about pudding?

Absolutely love the stuff. Chocolate pudding is one of my all time favorite desserts. Yes it is....that with a little bit of bananas an throw in some whip creme. Yep I am in heaven. Just thinking about it has made my mouth water thank you very much.

3. What’s the best use for peas?

Mission launching. Duh...Just think of the awesome fights one has with a kid across the table. Oh boy, thank the lord little man is too young to read. Or mommy would be in some major trouble right about now. Though I will say for all the bad rap that peas get, I actually love them. One of my favorite veggies..

4. Where can you go for a really good dish of mashed potatoes?

Actually my husband makes incredible mashed potatoes. And he has mastered the whole dairy free ones, thanks in part to our several trips to Disney who gave us some cooking tips. So I guess that means, my house. Yep come on down to our house to get these.

5. Besides gum (that’s too easy!), what’s the worst food you’ve ever had stuck in your hair?

A hairbrush. Seriously worse thing ever. Its hell to get out of and hurts even worse. I totally become a baby when I get my hair stuck in a brush...Especially the round ones...I should warn you...incredibly painful.

And there you have it. Five more random questions you probably really never wanted to know about me. But don't you feel better that you do...

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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