Friday, April 6, 2012

Five Question Fridays-4/6-Contact.

Ah yes it is Friday once more. I actually debated about making an entry, since after last nght's win over the Panthers put us into the playoffs, I have a lot more on my mind than answering questions. But lets be real here. Its Friday. Which means, yes I am going to answer the five questions. The Caps will have to wait. So here we go. This week's theme: contact.

1. When did someone last knock on your door, and who was it?

That would be the Chinese delivery guy. Last Sunday night. I don't know his name but we have gotten in the habit of ordering so often that I am pretty sure he knows our orders. And he is always really nice to little man, who finds him a little odd....I am actually kind of ashamed to say we don't get many visitors knocking on the door anymore.

2. When did someone last call you on the phone, and who was it?

My mom. I pretty much talk to her on a regular basis. Most of the time it isn't about anything specifically. About the game, something little man did-we are after all going through the potty training stage-wants to know our plans. Etc. Though now that you mention it, I haven't heard from her today...

3. When did someone last hand you a business card, and who was it?

I had a gentlemen come in looking for a manager-who had a meeting with-the manager was running late I suppose. The gentlemen seemed a little impatient and couldn't stick around much. So he handed me his business card and told me to deliver it.  The moment he left the manager showed up. But this shouldn't surprise anyway as this always seems to be the rule.

4. When did someone last hand you a pen, magnet, calendar, or other trinket with his or her business info on it, and what was it?

Honestly I don't think anyone has handed me anything. The closest thing that came to it was 3 years ago when I was still working under the HR department directly I would work the job fairs, and people would give us things all the time. So I think I have a lot of stress balls with other companies info on them. That is about the closest thing.

5. When did you last get info out of a phone book?

Phone book?? What in the world is that? And what kind of useful information may I obtain from this.

And there you have it. I shall be heading up to NYC for the weekend, so I hope you have a fabulous Easter/Passover.

Questions provided by Friday Five

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