Monday, April 30, 2012

Number five is alive

Last night as the family and I  rounded our final legs of our drive up from North Carolina I decided to jump on Facebook to see what was happening in the world in the past forty-eight hours. I scrolled through update after update finding it a little to sad that most of my keeping up with friends has resorted to a two line status update. Still I scrolled, friend, friend, someone I only know via my Disney obsession, celebrity...organization.

And woah, wait a minute. What was this.

I had to read the status update a couple of times but it wasn't long before I squealed like a fifteen year old. OMG! OMG! My husband for the most part ignored this, until I frantically started searching on my phone, fingers flying....

'Is something wrong?'

Hmm did I something was wrong? I searched my brain, but dif do not recall saying anything is wrong. 'Kevin is rejoining the group.' I get out before a smile evades my entire face. And at that he looks at me, like I had completely lost it. Like I was in fact out of my mind. 'You know, the Backstreet boys.' As if this was was the biggest thing that has happened to me in years.

Admittedly, this is the biggest thing that has happened to me. For awhile anyhow.

'Backstreets back Alright...' he mocks. Rolls his eyes as gets back to driving. From somewhere behind us, our son starts where he finishes off, though at three he thinks they are a hell of a lot cooler than his daddy does so his lyrics come out more of a oh I know this song I shall join in, rather than oh dear lord here she goes again.

OK I get it, I am well beyond my teenage years, I shouldn't get soo damn excited about this news. Really I shouldn't.

I am nearly 32...

Except? Well as much as I love them, it hasn't been the same since Kevin left. Sure they have gone on to join forces with NKOTB, and have earned rave reviews, and countless numbers of new fans. They have had two other CDs without him.

But it wasn't, isn't the same....not really. I missed Kevin. The old fans know what I am talking about. I am sure of it. And just as I start thinking of all the endless possibilities. Another tour, surely another album. I mean they couldn't exactly announce that he is back-for good none the less- and then leave us fans hanging now could they?? Comes even more knews, AJ and his wife are expecting their first child.

Damn. ''Wow'

'What now??'

'A baby for AJ.'  Even as I say this, the fact that he mentions he is the latest of the group to settle down and have kids, makes me a little sad. It doesn't seem so long ago they were kids themselves, and I was destined to marry Nick. Just ask me. And now...

'The one that was in rehab.'


'OK....' he doesn't sound nearly as enthusiastic with all this news as I do. 'The good news is, Nick is still available.'  Or rather he isn't married yet anyway. I joke. Knowing full well there isn't a chance in hell for this to ever happen.

But lets not tell my fifteen year old self this.

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