Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Game two :Here we go again with my heart...

Game two.

Still up in good old NYC.

And as it seems to be the pattern in the playoffs for the Caps, we find ourselves down one game. Though in the best of seven, this often means little. Especially considering it was only game two.Still it would have been nice had we gone into it with a game advantage. This of course is what they all say.

And even if it was only game two in the best of seven, it seemed as though most of the DC media outlets assumed that it all came down to this game. It was a 'must win' for the Caps. If you ask me they have been saying this pretty much during every game of the playoffs, yet last time I checked either team had to win four games...

Whether it was a must win or not, it still would be nice to come back to DC a tied series. No doubt about that one. And as it has been with the away games, I sat in front of the TV, this time in the comforts of my home listening to my husband start up. He pretty much guarantees a win for us. How I am not so sure. This is not Boston, different series and from what I saw on Saturday I wasn't feeling as confident that it was a sure thing. But hey I would let him believe what he wanted to believe. Don't get me wrong here. I knew we could win, but could and will are two completely different things. It doesn't take long for him to start bantering at the TV, cussing under his breath, rolling his eyes and praying to the lord. A lot.

Which is something I truthfully didn't need already. Still I sat there watching as it went back and forth and back and forth and OK, yeah we looked better than we did on Saturday, and it seemed as though we had the momentum. And if only we could capitalize on this..well then that would be great. I listened as the commentators went on about in order for us to win we needed the big guys to show up. And blah blah blah....because otherwise there is no way....and as they went on, Ward grabbed it, and took it down found Knuble who found the net.

Who said we needed the big guns?

Shortly after that, Chimera-who holy cow can skate-finds it as well. A two goal advantage. Sweet...OK so yes my nerves began to settle. I mean we are up two goals, this is huge.

Until they responded with two of their own. Shit.  And thats when I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I just needed a bit of space from the commentators, from the roar of the crowd from my now fuming husband.  I was getting far to nervous, I didn't care as he kept telling me, its only tied. They aren't winning. Well yea, neither were we at this point. And since it worked the last time, I made my way up to our room, muted the volume-or had it on low-and watched the game in peace up in our bedroom. I could flip, step away and could have a moment of hockey free.

That is until my husband decided to join....back on went the volume, the game. No more stepping away if needed. Damn it. I watched nervously throughout the remainder of the third period. I even listened to them once again analysis the status of Ovi, who hadn't seen a hell of a lot of ice time-should we be concerned?-and I felt like crying. Seriously I am way to emotional about these games...I just wanted that win. I wanted a win...'Please just score.'  I managed to get out.

'We will.' Andy assured me.

'Like now.' I yell....and maybe all that praying my husband did, didn't go to waste because no sooner than I said this, Ovi found himself wide open-seriously they let this happen??-shot and found a beauty of a goal....

3-2...I swear Andy pretty much flew out of that seat and told me if thats all it took, I better say it about a dozen more times.

Turns out, that one, was all we needed. Game over.

We head home tied...

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