Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An eventful month.

May seems to be a pretty big deal in my household. Mothers day, my birthday. Our anniversary.

OK, so perhaps I should recite. May is a pretty big deal in my books. Because I am pretty sure if you asked my husband he would have told you he would have rather spread things out a little more than we did.

But its not as though I could help the fact that they decided to celebrate Moms on a Sunday in May.

That being said, when we first realized that this month would be dedicated to celebrating me, the topic of does he or doesn't he have to get a present for every single event sprouted. Now I totally realize that being the mom, the birthday girl and the wife my opinion is somewhat one sided. After all, I make it a point to get him a birthday gift, an anniversary gift and a daddy's day gift every year. It doesn't matter that his birthday is in April or not. I still do it.I would do it even if it was in May..or June for that matter.

Come to think of it, he gets a present for three months in a row. I don't hear him complaining about it.
 And had it been three different times of the year he would still have to get me something, ok so he doesn't have to get me something but you get the point. He would because he is that kind of guy.

Still the question remains, does the fact that I have three reasons to celebrate this month, give thy husband an excuse not to get me something on a single day?

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