Thursday, May 3, 2012

Working overtime.

Game three...

Lets discuss overtime. Some people love it, even more so during playoff time. There is no shootouts, no watered down period before hand. Its full blown twenty minutes, until someone scores. And if its still tied, then there is a second overtime.

Or third in the case of last night.

Thats right it took three overtimes before someone finally scored. I have to say, this has been some of the best playoff games I have seen from my beloved Caps in awhile. They are playing some incredible hockey. Full of heart, and wanting and emotions. With my husband at the game, my son in bed I was able to watch a game with the peace and quiet of the place. I actually watched it. Without having to feel like Andy was bound and determined to break our coffee table. Or hear the pretty little f word come out of his mouth...

It was a great game. Both teams, as was in the previous series are neck in neck. They know how much is on the line. They know whats at stack. And even if winning meant you would only be up by one game, it was still one game.

I sat with my heart on my sleeve and hid my eyes every time the Rangers had it in the Caps zone....I watched as time ticked down, thinking well here we go again. Its not like we are new to this.

The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

I waited it out, and watched the first overtime, surprised I still had my nails all still in perfect form as near misses came on both sides. I even yelled just score already hoping that someone would hear my prayers. Obviously this whole praying thing only works with my husband in front of me. Because no one heard me.

I admit after the first intermission with the clock reading just about 11 and knowing that a 4:30 wake up call would be approaching faster than I wanted to admit. I gave up. I turned off that television deciding whether they won or lost was not going to be determined on the fact that I stayed up to watch it or not.

So I gave up.

I mean by any good means, the team would win. My husband would be happy..

Somewhere around 2:30-3 my husband crawls into bed. I didn't bother asking who won, it could wait til the morning.  But you better believe this was the first question I asked.

'Do I even want to know? Did they win?'

He only shakes his head. 'No.'

And I looked at him, he is so tired. And exhausted and you could see his entire emotions written all over his face. It was a great game. It went into three, almost four overtimes before the Rangers finally scored. He said at that point it didn't really matter who won, there comes a point in the game when everyone is so exhausted and one team will have to be the lucky ones.

Unfortunately. It wasn't us. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a great game.

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