Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let the fun begin...

And so it begins, the 2012 race for the cup.

I had even intention of sitting down and writing a post regarding my nerves, my thoughts and emotions. And yet I sit here as the score remains zero to zero finding that at the moment, I can not and will not tear my eyes away from the game. 

Which means this blog post will probably be a poor excuse for one. Forgive.

I know the Caps are the underdogs this go around, the first year that they have been in years...and while so many people have written us off, thinking there is no way we are going to even stand a chance against the Boston Bruins-who are the Stanley Cup reigning champs.-I for one think that perhaps just, perhaps the fact that we are the under dogs may the best thing that has happened to us in awhile. 

No one expects anything from us. Players, teams and of course the media. All of which think Boston is going to runaway with the series.

For the first time, we have something to prove.

Lets go Caps!

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