Saturday, April 14, 2012

Game 2...and we're off.

Well no one said this was going to be easy. And if the past two games are any indication we are in for a long low scoring series.

I was really hoping that things would be different this game. That somehow Ovi would find a way to score, Backstrom would score and even Semin would find that magic he can at times provide and score. I was hoping that by some chance the shots and the score would go our way and we would walk away tied in the series when we made our back to DC.

But lets not forget who were are up against, the current Stanley Cup Champs. Not only are the good, but they tend to be a low scoring defensive group. They like their games close, and their outcome in their favor. After all they to are shooting for the same thing we are. To advance. Another words, this was not a team that were just going to hand us a game.

And if we want it, we are going to  have to fight for it.

I was pretty confident though that this game was going to be our game. Of course it all changed when one and a half periods into it, the game was still tied. Both teams with near misses. It looked to be one of those whoever scored first was going to win-again. And in their hometown I was afraid I knew which team that was going to be. And I couldn't watch that happen. Not after sitting there watching my team, which I thought looked really good. Once again Holtby was amazing. And despite what the commentators were saying I really did think we were playing incredible and a lot better than Thursday game, which wasn't bad in itself. So no I couldn't see that. And OK, I couldn't watch Boston do that to us. Because, well they are my second team. I didn't want to hate them. And I really didn't want that to happen. Though I admit during playoffs, sorry B'town, but if we are playing you, I am not a fan. Not at all.. So instead I went upstairs. Just for a few minutes. I didn't turn on the TV, instead music to drawn out the groans from my husband as each near miss drew closer to a goal. And then I hear. We scored. We scored...and seriously?? I flew back down those stairs, Well shit, if this is all it took for them to score. In fact, the more I think about it, it was the same thing during the regular season as well. I would leave my seat, go to the bathroom and they were bound to maybe...

All we had to do was just hang on, that's it...because as I said, this game was going to be determined by one goal...

We headed into the third with the lead. 20 minutes...that's all. Boston had another idea, to win. So why should it surprise me when they countered our goal with one of their own. And just like that, a whole new ball game..shit. I admit I just about cried, while my husband was trying to tell me that it was ok, no one had won, they weren't ahead. But as I listened to the commentators going on and on, I was already thinking, um true but come on, they just scored they have the momentum. And there is no way they are going to let us out of here with a win. It just wasn't going to  happen.

Perhaps I should have had a little more faith in my team, and as soon as I retreated to my bedroom where I turned on the mute button, I found the game was actually a hell of a lot easier to watch. I didn't nearly mind it as much. Yes we were tied, but at least I didn't have to hear the commentators go on about everything we weren't doing right, and saying how we were barely in the playoffs. And how Holtby just couldn't keep up, he was after all the backup to the backup.

Ah yes, note to self watch the game in mute next time.

I came down just in time to see us go into overtime, great. Well at least it was only 6, which meant it wasn't damn near eleven like Thursday. Hopefully the boys were awake enough to pull out something. Though I have to admit, as much as I was excited to see them go into over time, I was starving and it looked like dinner was going to have to wait, and so we waited and watched on edge once more. As once again both teams had some amazing chances. And both goalies, seemed to be just as exceptional as they were on Thursday. Except, the game didn't end during the first overtime. And there was no shootout in OT, which meant another full period. And Logan was beginning to get fussy. And OK I was getting extremely hungry. And by the look of this game, well it was going to go on forever...So as much as we wanted to, I convinced the husband to pack it in, and head out to dinner. The game would go on, and we would hear it on the way, with any luck they will still be playing when we returned.

I did however feel bad that I was so upset we didn't win in regulation that I spent the entire drive apologizing to Andy, because yeah that wasn't exactly what I wanted. And once again my husband decided to remind me that even if by some chance we were to lose this game, they were only up by two and he went on to recite how many teams-including Boston last year-went on to win the series. So no time to freak out...

This made me feel mildly better.

Of course all worries were set aside as we walked into Logan's just in time to see Backstrom score the winning goal.

Leaving Boston to head to DC, tied up. And making me one very happy CAPS fan

Bring it Boys.

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