Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You make me sick.

Well I thought perhaps I may have been able to go all winter long without the flu/cold hit the house. But it looks like my good luck has run out. No it has not hit my son, nor my husband-thankfully, but myself.

It started Saturday. My first thought was brilliant. I wondered where the truck that hit me had gone because it must have come so fast, I did not see it coming. After all there were no other warning signs. I was fine, fine up until that morning.

My husband, god bless him took our son for the better part of the weekend, staying out of the way so that I could muster enough strength to do homework, and to go to a game-because I was well enough to do this, I swore.-and for this I was grateful. Even if I felt like complete and utter shit. And I swore by Sunday night I would feel better. I had to right?

Yet, by Monday morning I was no better. In fact I could pretty much say that I was getting worse.


And it could not have come at a worse time. Though when is there ever really a good time to get sick. While I have leave, and plenty of sick hours at work, I find it hard to take off for something that could be a really bad cold. After all, its not like I am getting sick. Rather I can't breath, I ache and my throat is pretty much thick with stuff that should not be mentioned. And unlike the flu, this has been going on for the past couple of days. And right now, taking a week off of work due to a sickness is probably not the greatest of ideas.

Then of course there is the matter of school. Yes I allow myself a class or two to miss, most of the time its allowed with the professors. But I have four projects due next week for the class. One of which is a team project/presentation. Tonight is the final class meeting before hand. So is advisable to miss the class because of something that may or may not be the flu/cold??? I remind myself I can push my way through it. There are rest rooms and all. Drown myself in enough cold medicine to make it through at least half a class. It should say something right?

If I was any other person, taking off the time, school or work would not be given a second thought. But I am not that kind of person. Instead I will muster everything I have and push through it. Until I can take no more.

Though I wonder if it would truly be better to just give in.

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