Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Question Friday: Spinning

 Ah we have entered the last Friday in February-can you believe it?-this weeks Friday Five's theme: Spinning.

1. What’s had you spinning ’round in circles lately?

My four year old. He has kept me on my toes lately. Between that and school. Speaking of which I have four assignments due for one class all on the same day. Awesome?

2. When were you last on a bicycle?

Years ago. Its horrible I really should get back on one. I absolutely loved bike riding as a kid.

3. Who’s the best storyteller you know?

Hands down, my uncle Mike. 100% on this one.

4. How well do you handle carnival rides?

Love me some roller coasters, but at a carnival I don't trust them. So I avoid most of the traveling carnival rides if I can.

5. What do you think of TV gameshow Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune is eh, but give me Jeopardy any day.

And there you have them, short and sweet today. Have a fabulous weekend.

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