Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is this what it has become?

Last night, while waiting for little man to settle down I flipped over to American Idol.

It was the first time I had seen it all season. Needless to say, I think it will probably be my last.

I sat and watched, unimpressed with most of the contestants. I found their selections boring, and most sang them over performed. No they weren't singing to the audience, or even the judges who held their fate in the hand. But to the cameras. Some it seemed attempted to dance. And yeah that seemed to go well. I don't know what it really was but I was just so:


Which is a shame, because I used to love the show. I used to schedule my classes around it and couldn't wait to see who was up next, and who would be going home. I remember back in the day-which is sad to think its been long enough that I can use the phrase-when it was truly about the singing. And the first few weeks, their was no makeover and no huge production like it seemed to have been that night.

And while I admit I do not have a singing voice at all-this will be left to thy sisters-I really didn't find any of them that left me wanting, begging for more. The way Daughtry, and Carrie had done all those years ago.

As for the judges?

Its hard, as I have never been a Mariah fan, nor a Nikki fan. I found Mariah at times to be a little annoying with her sweet act. Oh sweetie....I do not doubt she is a great person. She just hasn't been any one of mine. As for Nikki, her voice can drive me bonkers half the time, but at least she has been somewhat funny.

And then there is Keith, who is one of my favorite country acts. Who I love and adore, and yet even I found myself surprised by him. He was a lot harsher than I expected him to be. Which is a shame because I really wanted to like him as a judge. Really really did.

Randy is always not much to say.

But its safe to say, if this is the way the show is going to go..I doubt I will be tuning in to watch every week....

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