Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekend Recap...

Its been a couple of days. I apologize. The family and I decided to head down to NC to spend a long weekend at my parent's place is rural North Carolina. The time away was a much needed mini vacation, even if it wasn't very exciting. Figured I would do a recap of the non-eventful, yet eventful weekend...

1. The drive down on Friday was easy, I love heading down there when it isn't one of the following:

  • summer
  • a major-labor day, memorial day. 4th-holiday
  • Spring break
2. We took my mom, who thankfully was feeling well enough to tag along.
3. This made the trip more entertaining for Logan.
4. Two hours after arriving, the hot water heater broke. Spent most of the weekend getting it fixed.
5. Insurance covered it completely.
6. Saw the big sis=fabulous time.
7. Logan was brave enough to try his hand at the local bungee jump at the maill.
8. But was not brave enough to flip.
9. Got treated to a little bit of a shopping spree=total win on my part.
10. Gus is probably the cutest kitty ever.
11. Went down south to escape the cold
12. It followed, it actually snowed more there than it has up north this year.
13. I have a set of awesome great Aunt and Uncle, breakfast was delicious.
14. Or was according to my husband.
15. We had no desire to leave.
16. Even more so when Andy got pulled over and tickets for speeding.

And now I am back at work, the next time I have any time off looks to be memorial day. The plus, we are heading even further south for a couple of warm days in sunshine and Star Wars.....

Lets just hope we can make it.

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