Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bachelor Gotcha....

When it comes to reality shows these days they are a dime a dozen. Not an hour passes that you can't find one on any random network. From dating, to facing your worse fears to Alien Encounters. You name it they have it.

Now I admit for the most part I do not partake in them, I find them annoying, drama-filled for no reason and over the top. Even the ones that claim to have started it all seem so. As for the 'talent' competition ones (American Idol, America's got talent.) seem to be missing the talent they once claimed to have had. I gave up on American Idol a couple of seasons ago for this very reason, I found the talent lacking in so many ways. And other than the occasional night when Logan is having issues falling asleep and we need something appropriate on for him to snuggle with I tend to forget its even on. 

And whether they want us to believe otherwise, I know half the shows are rigged, set up in advanced or scripted to go one way or another-manly in the drama department-to earn higher ratings. And you know, we fall for it every week. Yes America we really are that gullible.

This all being said, I am not immune to the hype of certain shows. Case in point The Bachelor/Bachelorette  Admittedly I sit every Monday night to watch the show on the edge of my seat. And every week I sit and roll my eyes at the dates, and some of the over top cat/dog fights that they have. I question the judgement of the woman/men who think that what happens on the show will translate into the real world.

 While I am not questioning some of their feelings for the chosen bachelor/ette, because I am sure some of them truly do have them. But I don't think they are all there for love, rather for their fifteen minutes of fame. And what always amazes me is the women/men who get sent off after one date or even at the first rose ceremonies, crying because they knew they were the one. And don't even get me started on the dates, which yes are truly romantic and breath-taking. Enticing them with lavish gifts and expensive outings that most of us will never see in a lifetime Believe me I am envious even as I write this.But what happens when they get home and are just a normal couple? I mean is it really any wonder most of them never work out?

The amazing thing is, ABC knows what its doing. After Ben's Bachelor season I swore I was going to quit it. I had had to much of the drama. The over the top women and all.  I didn't even really like Ben. Other than the whole Courtney thing, I found it all to be rather boring. And for the most part by the time the show even airs-or surely by the final-we know who is going to win-thank you social media.-so it isn't any surprise anymore. If this wasn't enough, for the most part we even knew how it is going to end, which if history repeats itself is usually in heartbreak and a lot of negative media about the relationship. We know they will go on After the Rose and say they are so happy and can't wait to be a couple, and three days later rumors of the demise of the relationship start to pop up. So why bother.

And yet this vow is always broken. I get bored on a Monday night and turn on ABC and well why not its just one episode right? Besides its Sean, who was your favorite from the previous Bachelorette, and who you called would be the next one if he lost-hello have you seen those abs?- And then well I may as well watch the second, third and before you know it I am hooked. Running home to DVR the entire series because even if I know whats going to happen and whom they ultimately pick in the end, I can't miss a moment of it. Just in case someone, some 'reliable' source got it wrong. And even if they didn't well the drama makes my life seem a whole lot less miserable.

Yes, bravo to ABC for hooking me once again.  I would be lying to myself if I said I would not watch the upcomming season of the Bachelorette, because I know as much as I say I won't, I will be there as 26 men fight for Des's love. Even if I know for the most part what will happen.

 After all, I am just another gullible American.

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