Sunday, March 10, 2013


Food allergies sort of, well suck.  Sure one or two things in the grand scheme of things aren't all that bad. But when you have as many as I do, well it makes eating, hard. I have unfortunantely passed at least one of my food allergies on to my son.

And if that wasn't enough I had to go and have my colon tie itself in knots.I had three major to fix it. My already limited diet found itself that much more limited.

During the holidays with the knowledge that my son is allergic to dairy I went on a search for recipes for cookies sans the dairy and found the website Skinnytaste. A website dedicated to low fat, healthy and yes even allergy free meals. And yes, they had cookies. We were skeptical of course, more so Anderson who cringes at the idea of healthy living at times but recognizes the fact that both his wife and his son have allergies that can't be ignored.

Still he was willing to at least try, and we found ourselves making gingerbread cookies. Turned out they were amazing. So much so that we finished the entire batch, and shared them with some family members, who never knew.

After the cookies we figured that was the end, we were satisfied. But I found myself going back on the website from time to time to see what other goodies they may have. And what I found was meals and ideas and things that we could use instead of what we couldn't. And one rainy weekend, a recipe for chicken pot pie soup caught our eye and we found our selves running to the nearest store to pick what it called for. It may have took a little longer than expected but the end result was like the cookies, quite fabulous.


The most recent try was a shephards sweet potato pie and again it did not disappoint. Anderson in fact said it was one of the best meals he has made. I couldn't agree more.  Suddenly this whole eating healthy for him doesn't seem so bad. And everything we have made has been allergy proof for both my son and I.

Double score.

And you best believe we will be going back for more. I know my family is not the only family who battles allergies. Whether it be eggs, dairy or gluten she has an answer for it all. even if you don't and just looking for some great healthy recipes, I totally recommend giving Skinnytaste a try.

For further information including the recipes mentioned head on over to Skinnytaste.

I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

I love Skinnytaste! I often check her website for recipes.