Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Five: 3/8/13: Speaking

When I saw this as a topic for this week's Friday Five I just about laughed. If you had read this weeks earlier post I had to do a presentation in front of the class, and I am not a huge public speaker. So for some reason I find this only to be fitting for the week. This weeks theme: Speaking.

Who’s the fastest talker you know? 
My sister in law. Whether she means to or not, she talks really fast. Especially when she is super excited about something. Or a subject. Its kind of cool.

Who’s the most soft-spoken person you know?

My father, he doesn't speak much but when he does I love it. I know he doesn't think so but he truly gives out some amazing pieces of advice as well....

What are some words you know from a language you don’t speak?

I know a couple russian words, though ask me if I remember them at the moment and they seem to escape me. But I did know them.

To whom did you last speak your own name?

My husband....if I understand the question.

If everyone had to be a national spokesperson for some cause, what would be yours?

If they made me a spokesman, it would probably be for something to do with disability advocacy.  Cerebral Palsy foundation or something.

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