Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snowquestration 2013

Yesterday afternoon it was announced that when it comes to snow, DC is the worst. The entire city shuts itself down with the mere thought or prediction of snow. School systems cancel one, sometimes two days before in preparation of what could be. People panic, run to the stores for things like bread, milk and toilet paper. Stores run out of snow blowers and shovels within five seconds of putting them out.

Not so ironically this report came out the same day we were supposedly going to get the most snow we had seen in three years. Nicknaming it snowquestration, it was predicted we were going to get anywhere from 4 inches in the city, to 20' farther west. Out where I reside, it was expected to be anywhere from 8-12 inches.

And yes the area in a way did panic. Schools were cancelled, the government shut down. Anderson's office closed while mine gave me permission to work from home in anticipation yesterday morning. We woke up to heavy heavy snow, and sat anxiously for the accumulation.

The accumulation never came. Well not in the way they were expecting it to. By noon, it was mostly slush despite the fact that it was heavily snowing. The temps never fell that low to do any heavy damage. And while it was gathering, and adding up by three, the roads were still manageable, the ground covered with several inches of snow out in my neck of the woods, but the farther east you went, and in to the city little to no accumulation happened at all. By five people were reporting and bitching about the lack of snow, what happened to it? While I looked out my window at several inches it seemed the storm never made it into the city. The snow that did, did not find its way to the ground as promised.

Leaving several very unhappy snow-lovers.

Within a matter of hours, tweets and Facebook statuses from people who previously where loving the thought of snow and having the day off, turned to absurd amount of disappointment and anger that they were lied to, and that they had the day off for nothing. Questions began to rise about whether weathermen, and the area officials jumped the gun on the storm. Because the storm truly was nothing. Jokes about meteorologist being the only people in town who can get it wrong and still have a job in the morning fluttered on. Despite the fact they had no control over the weather itself, the direction it was going to turn etc, still it somehow always turns into their fault for making the city panic so.

These are the same people that had it been the opposite and school systems remained open, and the storm really did hit, then they would no doubt complain that no one acted like they should. They would complain that their kids would have had to go to school in the snow, and the cold and the roads were horrible. Etc.

Proving that this study out yesterday was absolutely right.They are damned if they do and damned if they don't

After all, DC is such a fickle town as it is. Adding a potential snowstorm to the mix, only enhances it.

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Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

There were a few snowflakes this morning, but now it's just cloudy. I'm still waiting on the "big storm." As usual, it was probably all hype.