Monday, March 25, 2013

60 days to go.

60 days to go.

And we have reached the point where waiting seems to be the hardest thing. So close, and yet so far away. Right around the corner and yet so far out.

We were this close once before. But had to postpone it-thanks a lot hockey-at exactly

60 days to go.

So yes, we were thrilled to wake up this morning and see the number 60 hit up on our countdown calendar. Two months. We can do this...we can, we can we can.

And yet for all the waiting around and the counting down, I know it will be here before we know it. That much I know is true. Before I know it we will be packing our bags and taking off. We are believe it or not flying this go around. Choosing to drive down in August, which will be a much longer trip, and some of it will be to visit family on both sides.

I am trying not to think about the fact that 60 days seems so far away. And failing miserably. Because while I tell myself this, the truth is. It isn't working all I can think about is, vacation. Doesn't help that everyone else I know is on spring break and heading off to the various locations for the week.

Oh yea and did I mention is snowed several inches.
Its the end of March, its not supposed to be snowing. Period.

I am trying to figure out how to make it through the next day, staring at my calender thinking well this time next week we will be so much closer. I get this way on any vacation, Disneyworld, Europe. And hey even to a weekend trip to NYC and Boston-heading there in August for a concert. But with sixty days to go, its kind of hard not to.

Although fit the urge to think about it I must.

Or its going to be a very long two months.

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