Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mid season

And so we have reached the halfway point of the season. Though the way the season has been going for this Caps fan, the end can't come soon enough. It has just been one of those seasons.

The feelings of jubilee that hockey is back have long gone passed. And while I never really expected much of the season-the new coach, no camps. etc-I didn't really expect this. That the Caps would be that bad. Barely fighting to stay out of not first place, but last place. And not in the division, but the entire league.  Sure we have in recent games at least made a couple of strides, and we are not the sole bottom. But it seems with each stride up, there is also a stride down or two. Or three. And the moment we think that we are climbing out they switch and are once again struggling and questioning everything.

I get a lot of people, coworkers who on a daiy basis stop by my desk and ask me what the hell is going on with the team. They ask me what Anderson can do about it-because apparently he can do a whole lot- and yadda yadda yadda. I don't have any answers of course because really at this point I don't know. Call it a season and better luck next year?

Look I know everyone wants teams to forever be on the top, but realistically I don't think this can happen. There will be years when you suck and years when you are fantastic. But its not always going to be what you want it to be.

Just as much, sometimes I think I don't want them to make it into the playoffs. Why? Because we won't have to hear well they just barely made it in, or the analyst slam us when we lose the first round. Sometimes its just better to call it a season and pack it in....

As much as defeat sucks, getting shut out during the playoffs is that much harder.

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