Thursday, May 9, 2013

Game 4: Well, about that one.

Coming into the office after a loss is hard enough. Coming in after a playoff game is even worse. Especially after a game like last night, when we well lets just say, we didn't exactly look like the playoff team as of late.

Already pissed I decided the best solution was to just lay low, keep my cool and avoid any conversation about the game. Put up a sign that reads something on the lines of: If your here to discuss hockey, turn around. Not today.

Yeah, fat chance of that happening.

Everyone in the office knows my husband works for the team, they know we live eat and sleep the team, and the sport. There is in fact not a day that goes by during the season that someone doesn't come by asking me what my thoughts are or requests for some kind of something. Analysis, what my husband thinks. If I have any clue of whats going on from the inside. Etc.

And not even five minutes after setting my things down do those same people come crawling to my desk, tough game, yeah you can say that, I had to walk away and not watch it, it was that painful.  they looked like shit..well you can't look strong at every game. Its bound to happen, Holtby needs to shake it off...what is happening to them. Its the playoffs, every team wants it, every team will fight for it. They were on home turf. Etc. Don't worry its still a long way to go...that it is, but this does little to help my pissed off mood.

Yes, pissed off was right. I was. I could barely talk to Anderson without getting upset last night, I cried on the way home when we were down by 2 goals. What is wrong with me???? I should not be this freaking emotional about it. Looking back I do not know if I was more pissed at the games results itself or at  myself for being upset about the game's results, which only got me more upset. For awhile it seemed to be a vicious cycle.

I contemplate calling in, there is no way I want to face anyone this morning. But this is not an option right now. So I dragged myself up, got ready and told myself that I would simply ignore the snide remarks and questions about the lack of game on our end, offense, defense. Goal tending. 

But try as I might, ignoring those around my office is not going to be an option today. I already know this one. I try to put on a smile and tell them I am cool with everything. I say game 5 is tomorrow we will come back. I know we can. We haven't lost the series yet. They haven't won. It is in fact tied, no one has the upper hand anymore. The series is now the best of three with two of the games on our turf.

As long as I can remember this as I sit in my assigned seats tomorrow, well then we just may be OK...

Though I expect the Caps to bring it. We need them to bring it....

Game on boys, game on. 

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