Monday, May 20, 2013


I walked into the office with a huge smile this morning. It was going to be a fabulous week.

This did not go unnoticed, the minute I walked in people commented on my huge extra smile, asking what kind of pill I took to make me so deliriously happy.

I did not tell them what I wanted to. That this is going to be a great week.

 For starters its my birthday on Wednesday. And while I am well over the age now that birthdays are really cool, or special for that matter. The fact that its my day alone is special. Besides I kind of dig my birthday. Its the one day that I am allowed to be selfish. So the rest of the world will just have to sort of deal with my happiness.

But more importantly-which is kind of hard to do because its hard to top birthdays-its a short week.In fact after Wednesday I am going to check out of the office and not think much about work until the following Thursday. That's right, its a short week for this gal. And who doesn't love a good short week.

And why is it a short week? Well I am on vacation until the following Thursday. Heading out of town for a couple days. Yes that's right. The trip that was postponed back in March, is now fast approaching.

This of course does not mean that its not going to be a long week. Rest assure the short weeks often feel like the longest. They drag. The clock never moves, and people slam you with the last minute to dos.

Its sort of like they know your just waiting to get out of here.

But lets not think about this shall we? No, lets think that for the next three days time will pass...and I will remain this deliriously happy.

After all, I have no reason not to be at the moment.

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