Sunday, May 19, 2013

weekend. love.

While we were out this afternoon I turned to Anderson and mentioned the fact that it has yet to be a full week since the end of the season.

It feels a hell of a lot longer than this. It seems as though it has been a month rather than just a couple of days. Yes, a week ago we were still in it.

Not to say that it hasn't been nice. Nice in the fact that I haven't been glued to the tv analyzing every painstaking minute of the game. Sure I have watched other games but not with the same intensity. I am rooting for Boston, because they are my second team but find if they lose, well its not nearly as agonizing as when the Caps did.

Its kind of...nice.

Not only that, but it has made the weekend seem a hell of a lot longer. More relaxed. Even Anderson seems to be on a slower schedule than once was. Neither of us seem to care much about anything. Believe me he is at times much better to be around after hockey season ends.

Of course the fact we have a short weekend, probably doesn't hurt either.

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