Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vacation hangover.

I came reluctantly into work this morning. It was not an easy task. Especially not when what greeted me, what welcomed me back to reality was the two hour DC traffic. I am sure it was a hell of a lot more happy to see me than I was of it.

I envied the flights that were landing, wondering if some of the planes carried happy tourists just beginning their getaways.

Not even twenty four hours ago I found myself lounging around the hotel basking in the last minutes of vacation before a not so magical bus was to pick us up and take us to the airport.

24 hours ago.

It still hurts.

Maybe next time I shall re-evaluate this whole coming in the following day thing. It sort of sucks. I have done absolutely nothing what so ever today. Truth. Its not that I haven't tried, but its a lot like the pre vacation feeling, except its a whole lot less exciting. But the feeling that you can't wrap your brain around much of anything. I can not concentrate on the given tasks, even responding to emails has been rather draining.

I don't care that is is a lot nicer here at the moment than it was in Florida when we left. I would prefer that any day.

I wonder how my son is feeling. When we left out yesterday he cried. He cried the entire way home, and even as we dropped him off this morning he was still saying how much he just wanted to go back. I wanted to tell him I agreed but somehow we have to pay for the trips, and it doesn't come free no matter how much we pretend otherwise.

I tell myself I only have 64 days until we head back out. A longer trip this go around. But believe me when I say, those 64 days seem like an eternity away at the moment.

And like my son, it only depresses me that much more.

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