Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five: 5/3/13: Nervous.

 I came in this morning and looked up this week's Friday Five theme and laughed. You see last night I found myself sitting at the Verizon Center one nervous fan. In fact I am pretty sure I looked a lot like the guy to the left. Though my face was hidden in a hoodie. I will admit I was nervous. Antsy.

Which makes this Friday five totally appropriate. The theme: Nervous.

1. What are you like when you are very nervous?

According to my husband last night, pretty cute. I pull my hoodie over my face so to drown out the noise and the action around me. I am sometimes a nail biter, which I hate to admit because its kind of disgusting. Thankfully it has been broken...the habit that is. I tend to not be able to sit still when I am nervous...but still my husband found my nerves-and my passion for the whole sport/team-quite adorable apparently.

2.How do you deal with nervousness, especially nervousness about something that’s going to happen several days later?

I think it depends on the situation. Public speaking for instance I am a bundle of nervous for weeks, and even minutes before. Its horrible. But yes. And during the games, and stuff man I am like my father sometimes I just can't handle it. Sometimes it just best to let me be on my own for awhile and come back to check on me.
3.In what circumstance are most people nervous, but not you?

Getting things done. Papers. At least when I do them on my own, so many people freak about deadlines. But often I find the closer it is to the due date and the longer I hold off on getting them done, the better the paper is. Its a horrible trait of mine. But it works.

4. What conditions seem to be fine for most people but make you feel nervous?

Walking over those grates on the streets. People every day walk over them, and I still can not bring myself to walk over them. In fact I will do everything in power to avoid them...its horrible. I know. I am so afraid I will fall into it.
5. When did you last feel nervous about something that turned out completely fine?

Well let me think here, if any indication of what this posting has been about, then I would assume you would know that it was last night, during game #1 of the playoff series against the Rangers of course I was incredibly nervous, but it turned out fine. And we won.

And that is another weekly edition of the Friday Five. May you all have a fabulous weekend.

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