Saturday, May 19, 2012

Post season.

Its been a week since we lost the series, and our chance at the cup. In past years, the week that follows is always a hard one. While I did come into the office faced with a thousand condolences on our loss-so much so you would think I was going to a funeral-there at least wasn't the kind of fights, and pissed off moods from the husband as in past years.

We haven't talked much about it. The game, the series, the sport since. Andy shaved off his beard Saturday night, turned off the tv and we went to bed. For the few days that followed there was this weird feeling I must say. I wasn't disgusted just kind of numb, almost as if I didn't know what to think. I was sad that we lost, yes. But it was over and I at least was willing to accept it a hell of a lot more than I did last year.

Just as we haven't talked about the game, we haven't watched much of the series that followed. After we are out of it, its common. We spend just about nine months with our live surrounded by hockey, so separation from the sport is nice for awhile. I admit it. Its nice not have to be home to watch a game, to feel as though everything relies on a win or a loss....we can plan things.

We have spent this first post hockey weekend as a family. Doing odds and ends. There is no checking of the games that are going on. Its kind of nice. There hasn't even been a whole lot of mention to the fact that Dale Hunter resigned. Maybe there should be. But we haven't discussed it. Andy said it was a bit shocking and yet not at the same time. He is a family man. He gets it.

And it looks to be in terms of our household anyway, a quiet off season.
At least for the moment.

Though I guarantee it won't last long.

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