Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Question Friday-School

 Ah Friday. At last.

We can all breath a little better. And since we are fast approaching the end of another school year-well for those that work, teach or are in that is.-The subject for the week is quite fitting. The weeks Friday five is: School

1. What was your favorite subject in school?

Toss up between History and English. These seemed to rotate every other year. I took a creative writing class my Junior year of High School and fell in love with it. Seriously. I think I could have stayed in that one class for the remainder of my HS days and would have been happy. Then again the same could be said for a history class or two. I just found it vivid imagination probably didn't help either thank you very much.

2. What was your least favorite?

Math I do not need to say anything more on this subject. There are not enough hard words to describe my deep hatred I have for the subject.

3. Did a teacher inspire you to go into a certain career?

That same creative writing teacher. Inspired me in so many ways. Made me want to be a writer. I am still working on it but I vow if I ever am lucky enough to have a career in writing. If I am lucky enough to write the next great American writer not only would he be the first person I thanked, but the first I would dedicate it to..Because he believed I could long before anyone else knew I could.

4. Did you enjoy a particular book in literature class? If so, which one and why?

To Kill a Mockingbird. Which is to this day remains my favorite classic. Maybe it was because it was my first true classic, maybe it was the story. Or Gregory Peck in it, which seemed like a great actor even if I was not in the generation to know of him. But for some reason the story and the characters just stuck.

If you could, would you go back and relive high school all over again? 

I think about this question a lot. Usually right around this time of year in fact. I don't miss the gossip or the bullying. I don't miss the work that came with high school. But I do miss the ability to just do what I wanted. I miss the lack of responsibility.  And I miss the fact that the future still seemed open, and the World really was yours. I miss that feeling. But high school itself?? No.

Enjoy a beautiful May weekend...

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Jessica @ Confessions of a Former Undomestic Goddess said...

I was never a fan of math myself, but then I started working in AR. Working in terms of money has made me feel a little easier about numbers and math. My true love belongs with English. I wish I had gotten more into Science though. It's just so interesting to me and I loved it in middle school!

Have a great weekend!