Thursday, May 17, 2012


Besides being a bride, just about every female looks forward to the day when she is asked to be in a wedding. Its that total confirmation that you are somebody's person. Yes its true, the day is all about the bride. But what girl doesn't love to play dress up from time to time. And come on admit it, even if the day is all about the bride, most bridesmaids like to pretend its about them as well.

Don't lie.

But what most of us tend to forget that its not just about the dresses. Its about the whole day. Its about planning, preparing, commitment and being a bridesmaid is a lot more than simply putting on a dress at the end of the day.

I have been in a handful weddings-OK more like I can count on one hand-now. Including my own. Through the years and all the weddings I have learned the ins and outs. What to do, what to say. How to do things. And I have learned that the most successful pairing between bridesmaids and the bride often depends on a few things. Organization, communication and well, knowing what you want.  Or rather what the bride wants.

But what happens when the bride doesn't know what she wants? And when she finally figures things out how do you stress the importance of communication to the bride.

This past December my older sister got engaged after eleven years of dating the groom. And within a short week of the announcement I found myself stepping into the roll of Matron of Honor. Which is fabulous I mean who doesn't want to be a MOH. Except the closer this wedding gets. The more it seems as though the bride doesn't know what she wants.  And once she does she second guesses herself, changes it or expects that someone else should make the decision.

I get it, wedding planning is hard. But up until this very afternoon she didn't even know the color that she wanted the bridesmaids dress.  I have gone from being the MOH as well as the provider of music to back to being MOH. I am waiting for her to go back to the DJ thing. She still has things to figure out and is beginning to run out of time.

And its just one day. And it has to be perfect. And maybe with a little communication well maybe it will be exactly that.

And without it, well without it? We won't even mention that.

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