Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It has to start sometime....

I did not take this pic, I do not take credit. But Go CAPS go!
 'One day more! Another day, another destiny.'
- Les Miz

I admit after Mondays loss I pretty much stayed away from anything with the words Caps and playoffs. I avoided the news, I avoided specific tweets and certain friends on Facebook who have never been and never will be Caps fans. I just wasn't in the mood to deal with their shit.

And as for the media? Well they haven't exactly been on the Caps side since the beginning.

Yes I stayed away....

But today was a new day, a new start, and one more chance. I didn't dwell on Mondays game What was done is done. Like it or not. There was nothing anyone could do to change what had-or hadn't-happened. I hopped on twitter determined to be positive, to think positive and to focus on the prize.

Game Six. More specifically winning.

Yes I believe in the team. Yes I think we can, and we will win this. And we will bring it back to NY for a game 7. I stand by my team, and my fellow fans and am not ashamed to say this.

God I wish I could be there tonight. Verizon Center is going to explode some kind of fierce when that game starts. Would love to be there when Goat goes on, or when the Horn Guy shows off that decimal device to the crowd.To get up, to cheer, to yell Ovi 8 times when that clock reads 8 minutes left in the period. Now is not the time to be quiet....

But I  will not be there. I gave my tickets over to the in-laws-it was truly their turn anyway-and I expect them to do the cheering and the rooting in my absence. Because if they don't. Well we just may have some hefty words exchanged tomorrow. I kid. I kid....Or do I??  Instead I will have to settle on watching it from the living room. But you better believe I will no doubt be yelling at the top of my lungs as if I WAS...and I expect the same out of my fellow fans...

And to those lucky enough to actually be at the game? I fully expect everyone to rise, and support the boys. Because they need us. Because this is not the time to loss faith...its a time to rally. And believe....

It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime. 
What better place than here.??!!
What better time than now??!!

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