Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yes we can

Last week, just after the Caps tied the series 2-2, word got out that the Rangers decided to start selling tickets to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Brilliant idea right? 

Well it seemed to be if you are a Ranger fan anyway. And of course then there was that terrible loss of a game on our end, and you better believe they were feeling pretty good about themselves. After all, how could we as a team bounce back from that. There was absolutely no way right?

Except this is not years past. And the Caps of today were not and are not willing to give up, hang our heads and admit defeat. That being said, we had to win last nights game to even consider a game 7. We knew this, they knew this and the fans knew this.

And we were prepared for this.

From where I sat on my end of the couch, we looked incredible. We dominated from the moment our skates hit the ice. This was going to be our game. There was most dif going to be a game 7, no doubt about that one. 
I for one was sure of it.

I have to say, it was an incredible game. Seriously, we just looked so in it. We wanted it. And for the better part of the game it was ours. Yes I would like to wash out the one and only goal that The Rangers scored because Holtby deserved the shut out but I was so ramped up and charged that I didn't care.

We had this.
We still do.

And game 7 is going to be one hell of a ride.
We best hold on.

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