Sunday, May 27, 2012

Here's to us.

Six years.

And here it seems as though just yesterday I was sitting down to discuss five years of marriage. I wonder where the year has gone.

Actually I know where it has gone. Its gone to trips to the hospital, to surgeries. To Germany, Paris and London. And New York. To North Carolina.

Its been spent around hockey games, and school. And around an active toddler. And so many days in between.  Days that fly by in the blink of an eye.  Amazingly so.

Sometimes I wonder just how we make it through each year. I would dif say this has been one of the hardest yet. Between hockey, and my surgeries. And the struggles of just every day life. I have questioned a lot of things this year. I will admit to this. But then I look at my husband and I know I shouldn't question. Because I know, he is my stable rock. He is my love. Just as much as I wrote about him last year. It still remains to this day. He is my everything. And he still remains.

We've had an amazing year. We took the trip of a lifetime to Europe. Thanks in part to the brother and sister in law who are currently living there. I never even thought I would love Paris as much as I did. And London, right before the Olympics.  I don't doubt come July we will be saying we were there.We went to NY, to see the regular season ending of the hockey. Andy hadn't been to one as a fan in years....

I know we have been extremely lucky with two sets of parents that have made these trips possible. I know this. I do not take it for granted. Believe me.

Yes this year has been a struggle at the same time. We have had our share of fights. But doesn't every couple? I know the hockey schedule and the fact he decided to travel last season probably didn't help. I don't think people-family or not-realize just how hard it is at times on a marriage when the other half works for a professional sports team.  Hockey or not. I would love to say that its easy. But it isn't.

Sometimes our marriage is a whole lot of imperfect. 

I think for a moment we even questioned our marriage. Or maybe I did. Sometimes I wondered this year if he loved the sport more than myself. Or our son. I had a brief fleeting thought. I know this is silly because in all actuality, he loves us. And he would do anything for us. Including leaving the team should I ask him. Which I wouldn't even dream of.  But I would by lying if I didn't think this while he was away drinking and parting and living the bachelor life when he was traveling.

And yet there is always something that reminds me how much I love the man. How much I couldn't do without him. And how I wouldn't be me without him. Yes we have our struggles. And our issues and we have moments when we don't seem like we are on the same path. But at the same time, we have moments, when we sit in complete silence and its perfect. And I couldn't imagine him not in my life. As my husband.

And so as we begin our sixth year, I will wish for what I have wished for us since the beginning.

Love, strength and another year of happiness....and whole lot of imperfectness.

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