Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Question Friday-Choices.

And so thus begins the kick off of summer...Congratulations we have made it.  This weeks Friday Five are top five choices....

1. List your (current) top five favorite food dishes:

  • Chicken, a baked potatoes and broccoli. Yeah I could live off of it.
  • Turkey, rice and peas. Or rather Thanksgiving dinner....seriously can not get enough of it.
  • A turkey sandwich and chicken noodle soup.
  • Spaghetti made with chicken. My mom made some pretty kick ass spaghetti at that...
  • Shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp....

List your top five disliked movies of all time and why.

  • ET-not only is it incredibly sad. But the whole ET dying scene just about freaks me out. Yes I know I am probably in the minority when I say I don't like this movie at all.
  • Pinocchio-The whale pretty much does me in...
  • I am Legend.-I have a huge fear of husband and best friend wanted to see the movie. So I tagged along. Someone should have warned me.
  • Twilight-Yes I said it. All of my friends seemed to think this was the greatest thing EVER....umm yea. Though I will say that it was good for one thing: making fun cheesy moments.
  • Breaking Dawn-See above.

List your (current) top five favorite TV shows and why.

Greys Anatomy- I have followed the show since the beginning. I love Patrick Dempsey and was just really into the whole show from the start. Love the characters. The stories. Yes there has been seasons that have been better but I still find myself getting wrapped up with their lives...

Once Upon a Time- Such an original show! Doesn't hurt that I am a huge Disney fan to begin with. But it is truly like nothing on TV. The mystery behind everyone's story really captivates me and its always interesting to see the characters in a new light...sort of makes you think.

Drop Dead Diva- Not to many people know this show, but I came across it and have been in love with it. I love the main character and it shows that beauty comes in every shape. Just totally in love. Its my summer obsession...

Glee-The music, the singing, the dancing....totally in love...besides it reminds me of my big sister, back in the day when she was in HS...and show choir was her life.

So You Think You Can Dance- I admit it, I can't sing worth a shit. But I love to dance. And watching hip hop dancers turn into ballet dancers and reverse is always amazing. The talent is always fabulous and  it just makes me want to get up and dance around the living room. Which I may, or may not do on occasion.

List your top five favorite places to visit. 

I am going to just say my favorite places I have visited would be:

Boston-hey its my favorite place to go..
Disney World.
Clearwater Beach FL....

List your (current) top five favorite songs. 

Dancing away with my heart-Lady A-I think we all have someone that would remind us of this. Brings us back to the day when we were young and we always thought it would stay the same.
Call Me Maybe-Carle Ray Jaspen-Laugh all you want but its the song that gets in my head. Its just a fun cheesy summery song. And for some reason I love it. Yes. I said it.
Come Over-Kenny Chesney-Because I am pretty much in love with whatever song he has out..And it already has me hooked.
Somebody that I used to know-Goteye-Though this song is starting to get a little overplayed. It still remains just one of those really awesome songs that I simply love.
Payphone-Maroon5- Again totally in love with it, even if it like the Goteye song. getting a little overplayed. But the hook, the chorus. Its just so damn catchy....I can see me blasting this all summer long.

And there you have it. May the start of the summer season find you with a fabulous three-four if your lucky-long weekend....

Until next Friday....

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